Therea Nohl received the “Young Scientist Award” at GeoBonn 2018

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Our PhD student Theresa Nohl was given the 1st place in the “Young Scientist Award” competition at the GeoBonn 2018 meeting for her talk “Lost in transition – the selective compaction of a halysitid coral and its implications for diagenesis and time”. Congratulations!

Our Palaeobiology team was represented with Kenneth De Baets and Wolfgang Kiessling chairing two sessions and multiple presentations:

Wolfgang Kiessling & Adam Kocsis Dynamics of extinction and origination in the marine fossil record: an update
Kenneth De Baets, Christian Klug, Dieter Korn Exploring the limits of ammonoid morphospace
Vanessa J. Roden, Imelda M. Hausmann, Barbara Seuss, Alexander Nützel, Wolfgang Kiessling High diversity in the Triassic Cassian Formation
Bryan Shirley, Madleen Grohganz, Michel Bestmann, Emilia Jarochowska Wear, tear, and systematic repair: Testing growth dynamic models in euconodont
Pascal Abel, Kenneth de Baets, Manuel Steinbauer Macroecological patterns in Paleozoic ammonoids
George W. Harrison Dietary Variation between Adult and Juvenile Cave Bears


The icebreaker was a good place for making new contacts and reestablishing old ones. Poster sessions were packed and full of professionals who gave well informed feedback. The students appreciated that it was a good for meeting potential supervisors.