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Prof. Wolfgang Kiessling, Chair of Paleobiology, and Tasnuva Ming Khan, also from the field of Paleobiology, together with scientists from South Africa, England, Brazil, Norway, Trinidad and India, have succeeded in finding that a third of all endemic species living in rural areas are threatened to ...

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In Earth’s history, there have been several catastrophes in which a large part of life on Earth has been wiped out. In the programme Campus Talks on ARD-alpha, Wolfgang Kießling shows parallels to the current climate situation on Earth. He gives an outlook to what extent a mass extinction of species...


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Geoscience Field Trips

Fieldwork is an important part of geoscience, and GeoZentrum Nordbayern offers a broad spectrum of field trips. Students are given the option to explore geologically significant regions across Europe. Regular destinations are Greece, Sweden, Scotland, and of course Germany. Fieldwork brings geology to life, making it tangible and invigorating.

Laboratories and Analytical Methods

Modern geoscience requires specialised chemical and physical analytical methods. As an important part of geoscience, students take practical courses in various departmental laboratories. Here they learn important skills, techniques and their application for a wide range of analytical methods. The foundations taught in laboratory training is beneficial not only for work in research, but also in fields where laboratory data is important, such as environmental consultancy.