Our research-focused team comprises 11 creative working groups, which cultivate a future-oriented combination of basic and applied research and participate in a wide variety of interdisciplinary research at FAU. GeoZentrum Nordbayern has developed three very successful, internationally recognized research priority areas: Crustal Dynamics, Paleo-Environments and Applied Geosciences. Our research focuses on process-oriented investigations of geodynamic processes and their effects on the diversity of life on Earth, the analysis of geomaterials for structural, technical and medical purposes and the investigation of georesources for a changing world.



An understanding of the evolutionary and ecological processes that produce and sustain the diversity of life on Earth is essential for modern society. The Paleoenvironment section utilize a modern analytical orientation in research and teaching to analyze global climate change using insights gained from studying Earth history.

Crustal Dynamics

Crustal Dynamics integrates a wide range of geological disciplines to research geodynamic processes. This program seeks to understand how processes controlled from the Earth’s interior, such as mountain formation, crustal expansion and volcanic eruptions, influence the biological habitats on Earth and the formation of natural resources.

Applied Geosciences

Applied Geosciences pursue modern industrial research related to the environment and technology. As a material and resource-related geoscience, Applied Geology links to environmental research, chemical analysis and materials science.