In section Paleobiology and Paleoenvironments, we study the evolution of ecosystems over long timescales. We deduce the environmental factors which significantly influenced the emergence and disappearance of communities throughout Earth’s history, alongside predicting the effects of modern day anthropogenic climate change on future ecosystems. To achieve this we combine geological fieldwork, state-of-the-art analytical methods, palaeobiological databases and statistical analysis.

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Prof. Wolfgang Kiessling, Chair of Paleobiology, and Tasnuva Ming Khan, also from the field of Paleobiology, together with scientists from South Africa, England, Brazil, Norway, Trinidad and India, have succeeded in finding that a third of all endemic species living in rural areas are threatened to ...

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In Earth’s history, there have been several catastrophes in which a large part of life on Earth has been wiped out. In the programme Campus Talks on ARD-alpha, Wolfgang Kießling shows parallels to the current climate situation on Earth. He gives an outlook to what extent a mass extinction of species...