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Climate change is perceived very differently in our society. The natural sciences often set completely different priorities here than, for example, politics or economics. And how does tomorrow's generation see this development? At the Long Night of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kießling, Dr. Florian ...

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On July 3, 5pm, Prof. Christopher Scotese (Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Northwestern University, USA) gave a talk "Foundation of Earth System History: Plate tectonics, paleogeography & paleoclimate during the last 1.5 billion years" in Hörsaal Geologie. He is the inventor of t...

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Palaeobiology student Niklas Hohmann connects mathematics and paleontology in unexpected ways. In his contribution for the 1st palaeontologcial virtual congress, he describes how a blurring effect used by Instagram and Photoshop can be used to describe how extinction events are preserved in the fossil record.