CO2 reduction in the building materials industry – a new BMBF project for the Chair of Mineralogy



A new research project with the working title “K4 – Carbon dioxide reduction through low-calcium clinker and carbonation hardening” under the leadership of HeidelbergCement – funded by the BMBF and ‘DLR Projekträger’ – started in August 2021, in which the Chair of Mineralogy is actively engaged. With now already more than 40 years of experience in the research field of mineralogy of inorganic building materials, this project represents a completely new, exciting focus in the GZN and holds great potential for the coming years and the future of applied geoscientific research.

The declared aim of the new project is to achieve a direct avoidance of anthropogenic CO2 emissions by means of a newly designed cement clinker, to promote the reusability of hardened cement paste in old concrete, so-called RCP and to bind relevant quantities of CO2 in concrete block products – under the keyword CCU (Carbon Capture Use).

Please find further information on the official sites of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (FONA).