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Palaeontology, the ‘study of ancient life’, has been making a significant contribution to our understanding of the natural world for over 200 years. One of the greatest achievements of palaeontological research has been to confirm the extinction of species as fact and to confirm Darwin’s Theory of ...

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Congratulations to Dr. Salim Belkhedim for defending his PhD thesis entitled at University of Oran 2, completed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Axel Munnecke and Dr. Emilia Jarochowska.

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Climate change is perceived very differently in our society. The natural sciences often set completely different priorities here than, for example, politics or economics. And how does tomorrow's generation see this development? At the Long Night of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kießling, Dr. Florian ...

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Climate change is progressing faster than we would have dreamed a few years ago. The consequences for people and the environment are already clearly noticeable, but we are only at the beginning of accelerating global warming. Climate sceptics often stress that climate change has always existed, but ...

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On October 21, 5pm, PD Dr. Kenneth de Baets (GZN) will give a talk "Gasping fish and panting belemnites: Warming, growth and migration of water-breathing animals " in Hörsaal Geologie, GeoZentrums Nordbayern, Schlossgarten 5. The Pliensbachian-Toarcian transition has been considered a major bott...

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The Open Access journal PeerJ has granted the Award for Open Data Analysis and Publication in Palaeontology to our Masters student in Palaeobiology, Fiona Pye, for her talk "ImageJ and 3D Slicer: Open Source 2/3D Morphometric Software" co-authored by Nussaïbah Raja Shoob, Bryan Shirley, ÁdámT. Kocsis, Niklas Hohmann, Duncan Murdock & Emilia Jarochowska.