Software extensions

R extension packages

paleoumweltThe free and open source R programming and running environment is one of the most widely used tools for statistical data analysis. Several extension packages were authored and maintained by the staff at the GeoZentrum that are used for geological/paleontoloigcal calculations.



paleoumweltThe divDyn R package (Diversity Dynamics using Fossil Occurrence Data) implements methods to calculate metrics of diversity, extinction and extinction. It also includes various sampling standardization algorithms. The paper descrbing the package was published in journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution. The package itself is available from the CRAN and from GitHub.



paleoumweltThe icosa package (Global Triangular and Penta-Hexagonal Grids Based on Tessellated Icosahedra) implements and allows the use of coarse-scale grids based on tessellated icosahedra. The package is available from the (CRAN) and from GitHub.



paleoumwelt The chronosphere R package (Earth System History Variables) provides an R interface to download data items from the chronosphere. The package is available from the (CRAN) and from GitHub.



The rgplates package implements simplified interfaces to the GPlates desktop application and the GPlates web service, which can be used to reconstruct paleogeographic positions of present-day coordinates. The package is available from the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) and from GitHub.