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Niklas Hohmann, a student from our Master program, published a new statistical tool that allow to correct the effects of changing deposition rates on geological data. These deposition rates determine how much time it takes to form rocks of a given thickness, and can therefore alter our interpretation of paleobiological rates when examining this rock.

3rd Workshop and Fieldtrip of IGCP 655 Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event: Impact on marine carbon cycle and ecosystems. September 2nd – 5th, 2019, Erlangen (Germany) The IGCP project 655 – Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event: Impact on marine carbon cycle and ecosystems (International Geoscience Program su...

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Carbonate rocks are unique witnesses of Earth History as they are formed by organisms. From the 11th to the 22nd of March the annual “Flügel Courses” take place in Erlangen. 54 carbonate sedimentologists from 21 nations will train the interpretation of such rocks with our globally unique thin-section collection.

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Palaeobiology student Niklas Hohmann connects mathematics and paleontology in unexpected ways. In his contribution for the 1st palaeontologcial virtual congress, he describes how a blurring effect used by Instagram and Photoshop can be used to describe how extinction events are preserved in the fossil record.

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The Geosciences Colloquium Key innovations in the evolution of feeding: a hierarchical approach by Dr. Emilia Jarochowska, GeoZentrum Nordbayern, will take place on Monday, 19th November 17:00, in the geology lecture hall, Schloßgarten 5, Erlangen.

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The complex interactions between geodynamics and climate change that support biodiversity are among the most fascinating aspects of our world. Using oceanic islands as a model system, this talk will explore the fundamental processes that generate and maintain the unique diversity of life on Earth. Inaugural lecture by the new professor for Systems Palaeobiology on Monday 5th November 17:15.

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Die Dissertation über großvolumige Felsbewegungen und Sturzprozesse in Norwegen von Dr. Markus Schleier wurde kürzlich mit dem Dissertationspreis 2017 AK Geomorphologie ausgezeichnet []. Mit dem Preis werden jährlich bis zu drei herausragende Disserta...