PalaeoFAU’s Bele-mighty video won 1st place in the Palaeovision Fossil Contest!!!

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The Annual Meeting of The Palaeontological Association 2021 ended again with the Palaeovision Fossil Contest. This is an online, interactive, international competition to decide the Annual Meeting’s favourite fossil for this year. The Paleontology Team (FAU) successfully completed a video about belemnites for FAU’s contribution to the PalAss Meeting’s Palaeovision Fossil Contest and won the first prize!!! All contributions were broadcast during the Friday evening session.

The ear worm is here for anyone who needs a dose Bele-mighty!

Congratulations to:

Najat Al Fudhaili
Zahra Al Lawati
Johannes Eichel
Kerstin Frühbesser
Isaiah Smith
Eileen Straube
Ninon Allaire
Danijela Dimitrijevic
Daniel Hafermaas

Patrik Hänsel
Wolfgang Kiessling
Adam Kocsis
Cristina Krause
Laura Krause
Isabella Leonhard
Laura Mulvey
Axel Munnecke
Graham Pugh
Bryan Shirley

Jansen Smith
Sebastian Teichert
Rachel Warnock

who contributed to the Palaeovision video and we are looking forward to seeing more!!!