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Palaeontology, the ‘study of ancient life’, has been making a significant contribution to our understanding of the natural world for over 200 years. One of the greatest achievements of palaeontological research has been to confirm the extinction of species as fact and to confirm Darwin’s Theory of ...

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Prof. Ondřej Bábek of Olomouc University will give a guest talk on Uses (and misuses) of quantitative proxies in sequence-stratigraphy and palaoeclimatology: field gamma-ray spectrometry and element geochemistry logs on Wednesday 27. November at 8:30 AM in the Palaeobiology seminar in Henkestraße 91...

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Congratulations to Dr. Salim Belkhedim for defending his PhD thesis entitled at University of Oran 2, completed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Axel Munnecke and Dr. Emilia Jarochowska.