Our paleontological collection comprises ~90,000 objects, mainly collected from the local area. It consists primarily of Jurassic marine fossils and Pleistocene vertebrates from the Franconian cave deposits, with a large part from the excavation at ‘Hunas’. The vertebrate collection is available as an online digital catalogue, which can be searched online via MySQL database. We contribute towards databases such as GeoCASe, GBIF and the PBDB.

PaleoReefs-Database (PARED) was developed through DFG, VolkswagenStiftung projects to improve understanding of the evolution of biogenic reefs. It contains biological, petrographic and paleogeographic records of 4160 Phanerozoic reef systems. The distribution of fossil reef systems is available on 32 paleogeographic maps. The database is in a searchable MySQL format and registered users can enter new data.

Paleobiology Database (PBDB) is an international scientific collaboration, with the aim of collecting fossil data from throughout Earth’s history. 358 scientists from 133 institutions in 24 countries are working to document fossil occurrences in their stratigraphic and geological context. The database currently contains more than 1.2 million occurrences of 317,000 taxa. Statistical analysis tools enable the creation of sampling standardised diversity curves and much more. The GeoZentrum Nordbayern is one of the most active contributors of data to this project.