FSI – Geoscience Student Association

Welcome on the pages of the student association FSI Geosciences - FSI Geowissenschaften e.V.

If you have any questions about the new semester in times of the Corona Pandemic, please contact the FSI (e.g. on StudOn), we will then forward the questions in a bundle to our Dean of Studies.

The FSI Geoscience Student Association (FSI Geowissenschaften e.V.) attends to the rights and social activities of Geoscience students in the Geozentrum Nordbayern. It provides members for the umbrella student association at the Faculty of Sciences, student representatives organisation, committee on the use of tuition fees and various appointment committees.

The FSI also organises social events, e.g. the Barbarafeier, the rite of passage as a Geologist, alongside the Alumni celebration. These events make up an integral part of Geoscience calendar.

Every Thursday evening from 8 pm the regulars’ table takes place at Eleon for all students and prospective students.