Patrick Hoyer

Patrick am MikroskopPhD Student
Lehrstuhl für Endogene Geodynamik (Prof. Dr. Haase)
+499131 85-69604
Schloßgarten 5
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Project title: Formation and evolution of flood basalt magmas – combining geochemical data with the magnetic stratigraphy of the Deccan large igneous province.


My research is focused on continental flood basalt provinces (CFBs), especially the Deccan Traps in northwest India. This large igneous province (LIP) is one of the youngest and best-preserved worldwide and predominantly consists of basaltic lavas, which erupted within a relatively short period of time. Although the Deccan LIP can be directly connected to the active Réunion hotspot track, the associated magma evolution is still debated. Geochemical characteristics of fresh volcanic rocks indicate a complex melting history, including mixing of different mantle sources and variable degrees of crustal assimilation. For the understanding of these processes a detailed petrological and geochemical study would be necessary. For this reason, we will analyse major and trace element concentrations as well as Sr, Nd, Hf and Pb isotope ratios of a large sample set drilled from different stratigraphic sections of the Main Deccan Volcanic Province. This extended geochemical dataset will provide valuable and enhanced information about the partial melting processes and mantle dynamics during the formation of the Deccan CFB.




Major and selected trace elements:            XRF

Major elements of mineral phases:            Electron microprobe

Trace elements:                                              Q ICP-MS

Trace elements of mineral phases:             LA-ICP-MS

Sr and Nd isotopes:                                       TIMS

Pb and Hf isotopes:                                       MC-ICP-MS

O isotopes:                                                      laser fluorination