Dr. Manuel Keith

Assistant Professor at the Chair of Endogeneous Geodynamics

Head of junior research group (FAU): Enrichment of critical metals in the Earth’s crust

Tel: +49 (0)9131 85 26064
Fax: +49 (0)9131 85 29295


Research Interests

Critical metals are rare in the Earth’s crust and positive anomalies of these elements only occur in geographically restricted areas. The wide economic application of these elements in electronics and renewable energies gives them a strategic importance. However, supplying these critical and energy critical elements for the green transition is a growing challenge. Hence, it is important to develop new concepts with respect to critical element sourcing, fractionation and precipitation to ultimately define the magmatic-hydrothermal prerequisites that allow an enrichment of these rare commodities in the Earth’s crust.

Many of these metals and metalloids are hosted in hydrothermal sulphides like pyrite either in solid solution due to lattice substitution or as inclusions on the micro- to nano-scale. Little is known about the incorporation mechanisms for many of these elements, however, this information is vital to achieve high recovery rates, and therefore an efficient and sustainable way of mining and processing.

Grants and funding

Sources and enrichment processes of metal(loid)s in submarine back-arc hydrothermal systems: A combined Se and multiple S isotope approach (PI, DFG IODP priority programme)

Immiscible sulphide liquids: Insights into chalcophile element fractionation processes in the oceanic crust (PI, DFG IODP priority programme)

Magmatic and hydrothermal prerequisites for porphyry-epithermal mineralisation in continental volcanic arcs, Thrace, NE Greece (PI, DFG DOME priority programme)

Tellurium in natural and synthetic pyrite: Ore-formation and economic implication (PI, DFG individual research grant)

An accessory mineral approach to understanding post-subduction magmatism and mineralisation (Co-PI, NERC UK)


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