• Formation and development of melts at subduction zones
    Subduction zones are geologically  the most active regions of the Earth with strong earthquakes and explosive volcanic eruptions. Here, a large part of the continental crust is formed by processes of melting and crystallization.  –>
  • Magmatic and hydrothermal processes of metal accumulation
    The cooling of melts in the earth’s crust leads to the circulation of hot solutions, whereby metals are dissolved and partially precipitated again in the form of ores.  –>
  • Magmatic processes in oceanic and continental extensional zones
    Large-scale tectonic processes lead to stretching and thinning of the Earth’s lithospheric plates, so that melts are often formed in the Earth’s mantle and volcanoes occur at both continental and oceanic extensional regions.  –>

Research vessel expeditions

Magmatic geochemistry and research vessels? – What at first seems like a contradiction has a deeper reason. Learn more about the background, the individual cruises or browse through the data in our cruise archive.




Laboratories and equipment

We operate a metal free cleanlab for sample preparation without contamination. Read more about the lab and the analytical facilities including mass spectrometers for isotope and trace element anlysis.