Anna Grosche

Foto von Anna SchaarschmidtAnna Grosche (geb. Schaarschmidt)
PhD Student

Lehrstuhl für Endogene Geodynamik
Schloßgarten 5
91054 Erlangen

+49 9131 85-26071



Evolution of shoshonitic and calc-alkaline arc magmatism and related processes of metal enrichment in the Aegean


The Aegean hosts a range of magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposits of Cenozoic age, many of which are related to arc magmas of the Hellenic subduction zone. My work is focused on key locations like the Maronia-Kassiteres area in NE-Greece and Milos Island, that show successions of calc-alkaline to shoshonitic magmas that host porphyry-epithermal-style mineralization. We study the magma sources, the magma evolution, and the magma emplacement, as well as the physico-chemical conditions and processes that control the metal enrichment and precipitation in the shallow crust. We also investigate the migration of the Aegean subduction and the influence of sediment subduction during the past 30 million years. Thereby, we use whole-rock trace element and Sr-Nd-Pb isotope analysis and mineral chemistry to reveal the evolution arc magmas. In-situ trace element and isotope analysis of ore minerals allows us to define the sources of metals and volatiles, as well as the processes of metal enrichment, which is crucial for the understanding of hydrothermal ore deposits worldwide.

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