Year: 2018

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The Geosciences Colloquium Key innovations in the evolution of feeding: a hierarchical approach by Dr. Emilia Jarochowska, GeoZentrum Nordbayern, will take place on Monday, 19th November 17:00, in the geology lecture hall, Schloßgarten 5, Erlangen.

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The complex interactions between geodynamics and climate change that support biodiversity are among the most fascinating aspects of our world. Using oceanic islands as a model system, this talk will explore the fundamental processes that generate and maintain the unique diversity of life on Earth. Inaugural lecture by the new professor for Systems Palaeobiology on Monday 5th November 17:15.

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Erlangen paleontologists and TERSANE members were in Coimbra for the 2nd International Workshop on the Toarcian Anoxic Event (2nd IW-TOAE). A total of 4 presentations, including 3 talks and one poster, were presented on the consequences of the TOAE on body size of marine invertebrates as well as its...

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The first paper of our PhD student Bryan Shirley has been published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The co-authors are Madleen Grohganz, whose BSc thesis has contributed important data to the paper, Michel Bestmann from the Structural Geology group of the GeoZentrum, and Emilia Jarochowska. T...

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Our team presented at the CPEG2018 meeting "Crossing the Palaeontological - Ecological Gap" in Leeds. Vanessa Roden received a prize for her lightning talk "High beta diversity in a Triassic reef basin assemblage". Other presentations included: Carl Reddin "Marine invertebrate responses to temper...