Representation of Erlangen at CPEG2018 in Leeds

Symbolic picture for the article. The link opens the image in a large view.

Our team presented at the CPEG2018 meeting “Crossing the Palaeontological – Ecological Gap” in Leeds. Vanessa Roden received a prize for her lightning talk “High beta diversity in a Triassic reef basin assemblage”. Other presentations included:

Carl Reddin “Marine invertebrate responses to temperature-related stressors and their interactions” (talk)

Master students:

Fiona Pye “Gastropod Gastronomy: Do predatory drilling snails prefer native or non-native bivalve prey?” (talk)

Nussaibah Raja Schoob “Spatiotemporal niche dynamics of marine organisms through deep-time” (talk)

George W. Harrison “Grizzly or Panda: Dietary Flexibility in cave bears Ursus spaeleus investigated with Dental Microwear” (poster)
The early career scientists focus of the meeting was great for students to trade ideas and contact information with potential coworkers.