A new international cooperation: The Chair of Applied Mineralogy becomes an academic partner of the global research Network INNOVANDI

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Cement and Concrete as sustainable building material?


“It needs an outstanding, worldwide effort to slow down the effects of the ongoing climate change!“ This statement is currently on everyone’s lips. After water, concrete is the most abundant resource in the world – or to put it another way, the most used, man-made material on the planet. Therefore, global collaboration especially in the cement and concrete industry, is crucial for our future.
In 2018, the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) was founded with the declared aim of achieving decisive improvements and innovations in the field of sustainable development of these building materials – and consequently the long-term reduction of CO2 emissions. Hence, the Global Cement and Concrete Research Network INNOVANDI has been formed 2020 by the GCCA. This should help to bring the partners of the industry together with the leading academic institutions. The Chair of Applied Mineralogy, which has now been conducting research in the field of hydraulic binders for more than 40 years, is pleased to present its cooperation in the Global Cement and Concrete Research Network INNOVANDI now officially.

Concrete is more than a building material.
It provides homes, it connects communities, it encourages trade,
it provides energy, it improves health, it broadens minds.