Prof. Dr. Rachel Warnock awarded with the Hodson Award

We are proud to announce that Prof. Dr. Rachel Warnock, Professor in Systems Paleobiology at the GeoZentrum, has been awarded the prestigious Hodson Award from ‘The Paleontological Association’, the largest paleontological society in Europe.
The Hodson Award, named after one of the founding members of the Association, is only conferred to paleontological researchers who have made a significant contribution to the field within ten years of the acquiring of their PhD.
To be considered for the Hudson Award, a scientist must be proposed by other paleontological researchers.
This award acknowledges Prof. Dr. Warnock’s fantastic contribution to the field of paleontology and demonstrates that her research has guided the evolution of computational paleobiology.

Prof. Dr. Warnock research specializes in designing cutting edge computational tools to answer fundamental questions about life on our planet: investigating when life originated, understanding pivotal periods of animal evolution and the impact of extinction events.