Science communication video battle by Masters students of Earth Systems Research Lab

Winners of the science communication video battle

Students of the Masters major Earth Systems Research Lab have created short videos about their research projects. This initiative was supported with a grant awarded to Dr. Emilia Jarochowska by the „QuiS II TP 08 – Digitalisierung der Lehre“ initiative of the FAU’s Institut für Lern-Innovation. On 13. November the videos competed in a public screening and the public selected the winners:

1st place: Najat Al Fudhaili „The President of The Omani Bivalve Association”

2nd places ex aequo: Danijela Dimitrijević “Fishy time travelling” and Niklas Hohmann “Paleontology – More Than Just Dinosaurs”

The winners gave exclusive interviews to the Press Office of FAU and participated in a photo session.

All the videos can be seen on GZN’s YouTube channel. The project wouldn’t be possible without the help of the two student assistants Niklas Hohmann and Joanna Nogly, as well as ILI’s video specialist Florian Gurt.