Two outstanding scientists in paleoclimate modeling, Prof. Paul Valdes, and plate tectonic reconstructions, Prof. Christopher Scotese, are visiting us July 1-5

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Prof. Paul Valdes (University of Bristol) and Prof. Christopher Scotese (Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Northwestern University, USA) are visiting Prof. Kiessling in the first week of July. This is an exciting opportunity to meet them individually. As both are invited through TERSANE, climate-impact related themes will have priority.


    July 1, 10:30am: Paul Valdes “What can Palaeoclimate Modelling do for you” in our new paleo seminar room (Henkestr. 91)
    July 3, 5pm: Christopher Scotese “Foundation of Earth System History: Plate tectonics, paleogeography & paleoclimate during the last 1.5 billion years” in Hörsaal Geologie