Stable Isotope Laboratory

Stable Isotope Laboratory  Chair of Geology

The Isotope Laboratory comprises 3 mass spectrometers as well as various online preparation lines for the determination of stable carbon, nitrogen and oxygen isotope ratios on solids.

ThermoFisher Delta V Plus mass spectrometer – Gasbench II

  δ13C and δ18O on carbonates


ThermoFisher Delta V Plus mass spectrometer
Elemental analyser Flash 2000 and TC-EA

δ13C and δ15N on organic samples
δ18O on phosphate, sulfate, cellulose


Thermofisher Delta Plus mass spectrometer
Kiel III carbonate preparation device

δ13C and δ18O on carbonates
offline prepared samples



Prof. Dr. Michael Joachimski


Geozentrum Nordbayern
Chair of Geology (Prof. Dr. Stollhofen)