Applied Sedimentology



The Applied Sedimentology team at the GeoZentrum Nordbayern host working groups focussing on studies in Applied Sedimentology, Geothermal Energy and Isotope Geochemistry.

Applied Sedimentology / Geothermal Energy

Research focusses of the working group Applied Sedimentology/Geothermal energy are basin analysis, reservoir characterization as well as the optimization of shallow geothermal p groups The research group Geothermal Energy and Geoenergy of the Chair of Geology addresses all geoscientific topics related to geoenergy, such as geothermal energy, hydrocarbon exploration, underground storage sites, etc.

Isotope Geochemistry / Paleoclimate Reconstruction

Stable Isotope Geochemistry (C, N, O) is used to reconstruct the climate of the Geological Past. THe main focus is on reconstruction of marine paleotemperatures using oxygen isotopes measured on biogenic calcite and apatite.


Lehrstuhl Geologie

Lehrstuhl Geologie

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