Geoscience Minor (Bachelors)

Geoscience Minor (Bachelors)

The GeoZentrum Nordbayern offers geosciences as a minor subject for bachelor students from other study programs at FAU.
Bachelor students from other fields of study can acquire different numbers of ECTS credits in Earth Sciences. Module descriptions can be found in the download section. The courses we offer for minor students from Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science are listed below.

Bachelor students of Geography can earn a maximum of 50 ECTS credits in the minor in Earth Sciences.

We offer a total of five modules:

  • Basic Module I with 10 ECTS
  • Basic Module II with 20 ECTS
  • Modules III, IV and V after successful completion of the basic module II.

After successful completion of module II, module III and/or IV can be attended.

Module Description for Bachelors in Geography (German)

Bachelor students of Biology can acquire a maximum of 15 ECTS credits in the minor subject Earth Sciences.
Instructions on how to register for the courses and exercises offered can be found in the following documents.

Minor in Geoscience for Bachelors in Biology (German)
Module description for Bachelors in Biology (German)

Bachelor students of Computer Science and Mathematics or other programs at FAU can earn 15 or 30 ECTS credits in the minor in Earth Sciences.

Modules for minor students in computer science and mathematics.