M.Sc. D. Ravidà

Domenico Ravidà, M.Sc.

Sedimentology and reservoir modelling, stratigraphy Permian - Lower Triassic CEB

GeoZentrum Nordbayern
Chair of Geology (Prof. Dr. Stollhofen)

Room: Room 2.140
Schlossgarten 5
91054 Erlangen

Focus of my research is the evolution and correlation of the continental Permian-Early Triassic sedimentary succession of the Franconian basin (northern Bavaria, SW Germany). The project aims at refining the current stratigraphic framework through multi-faceted stratigraphic approach including high-resolution core sedimentologicy, petrophysics, wireline geophysical logs, chemostratigraphy, clay mineralogy, petrography and heavy minerals stratigraphy. Analytic results are used for determining sediment provenance and drainage modifications resulting from the interplay of tectonics, climate and sea-level variations at regional scale. The final goal is to refine the current stratigraphic models available for the late Permian – Early Triassic sequence of SW Germany, obtain a solid correlation and geological model of the main formations and basin architecture of the Franconian basin and extend it to the Central-European Basin area.