Prof. Dr. Friedlinde Götz-Neunhoeffer

Prof. Dr. Friedlinde Götz-Neunhoeffer

Geozentrum Nordbayern
Chair of Mineralogy (Prof. Dr. Göbbels)

Room: Room HG 2.209
Schloßgarten 5 a
91054 Erlangen

Research Topics

  • Phase development during cement hydration reactions (Ca-aluminates, Ca-phosphates and Ca-silicates)
  • Crystal chemistry and hydration of doped (Sr, Cu, Mg) α- and ß-tricalcium phosphate
  • Organo-mineral interaction and kinetics of calcium aluminate cement hydration
  • Influence of biocompatible additives on calcium phosphate cement hydration
  • Phenomenon of conversion of calcium aluminate hydrates to hydrogarnet
  • Influence of pore solution on dissolution and precipitation reactions in calcium aluminate cement mixes with different inorganic anions
  • Solid solutions in ettringite and AFm-phases

Research Projects

  • Innovative CO2-reduced geo-inspired building materials
  • Novel Ca-reduced binder systems for refractories
  • Very fast setting cement systems based on Portland cement and calcium aluminate cement mixes
  • Inorganic binder for anchoring systems
  • Characterization of dental glass-ceramic systems with extended lifetimes
  • Influence of Cu-doping and organic additives on hydration of Ca-phosphate & Ca-carbonate cements

  • Development of SiO2 – Li2O – P2O5 – ZrO2 dental glass-ceramic systems with extended lifetimes: crystallization mechanisms and resistance to subcritical crack growth

    (Third Party Funds Group – Sub project)

    Overall project: Dental glass-ceramic in the system SiO2 – Li2O – P2O5 – ZrO2
    Term: since 1. October 2021
    Funding source: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

    Classes of materials that resemble natural teeth, such as polycrystalline ceramics, glass-ceramics and ceramic-methacrylate composites, have been preferred for tooth replacement for some time.

    The first commercial product was based on a non-stoichiometric multi-component SiO2-Li2O-Al2O3-K2O-P2O5-ZrO2-ZnO system that was pre-crystallised, then melted and injected into a mould made of refractory material. The resulting glass-ceramics reached a degree of crystallisation of ~70 vol% with elongated Li2Si2O5 crystallites exhibiting very good mechanical properties.

    The research approach makes it possible to determine relationships between the mechanical properties, composition and microstructure, either in the glass-ceramic or in the residual glass.

    For this purpose, the influence of the SiO2/Li2O molar ratio on the crystallisation behaviour of Li2SiO3 and Li2Si2O5 phases is analysed and the effect of ZrO2 addition at constant SiO2/Li2O ratio on crystallisation kinetics and network structure of the residual glass is investigated.

  • Optimierung der Langzeitstabilität und Umsetzungsrate in Zweikomponentensystemen

    (Third Party Funds Single)

    Term: 1. January 2020 - 31. December 2022
    Funding source: Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst (StMWK) (seit 2018)

  • Crystallographic analysis of Cu2+ doped β-tricalcium phosphate by Rietveld refinement and influence on the hydration kinetics

    (Own Funds)

    Term: 1. January 2019 - 31. December 2021
  • Long-term stability and reaction rate in two-component-ystems

    (Third Party Funds Single)

    Term: 1. September 2019 - 30. August 2022
    Funding source: Industrie
  • Micostructural development in refractory castables - Influence of phase changes

    (Third Party Funds Single)

    Term: 1. January 2019 - 31. December 2022
    Funding source: Industrie

  • Enzymatisch aktiviertes Abbinden dotierter Calciumphosphatzemente

    (Third Party Funds Single)

    Term: 1. January 2018 - 31. December 2019
    Funding source: Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)

  • Long-term Hydration of Calcium-Aluminate-Cement

    (Third Party Funds Single)

    Term: 1. December 2014 - 30. August 2019
    Funding source: Industrie

  • OPC-CAC Investigations

    (Third Party Funds Single)

    Term: 1. July 2013 - 31. December 2016
    Funding source: Industrie
  • Study of early CAC hydration

    (Third Party Funds Single)

    Term: 31. January 2013 - 31. January 2019
    Funding source: Industrie

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