Femke Holwerda

Femke Holwerda

Geozentrum Nordbayern
Chair of Palaeontology (Prof. Dr. Kießling)

Loewenichstraße 28
91054 Erlangen

Femke Holwerda studied Biology and Biogeology at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. She worked briefly as a research assistant on stable isotopes in the Geochemistry lab SIBL at Durham University, UK, and on a dinosaur egg research project at the Museum of Lourinhã, Portugal, before starting her PhD at the LMU in Munich on Patagonian Middle Jurassic sauropods. She specializes in sauropod early evolution and palaeobiology, as well as dinosaur and mosasaur tooth research. She will be working at the FAU Erlangen with Emilia Jarochowska, measuring Strontium isotopes on dinosaur teeth from the Cretaceous of North Africa in order to reconstruct their diet and palaeoecology.

She is a Visiting Scholar supported by FAU’s Gender and Diversity Office.